Brain Hacking

In Joss Whedon’s Television series Dollhouse, human brains can be wiped and reloaded with new personalities (brain hacking), including adding skills like high speed driving and martial arts expertise. Originally planned for five seasons, the show was cut short but still managed to get it’s message out: in the future, remote mind control software basically destroys the human race. Only a desperate few, immune to the effects or protected by technology (and so ultimately vulnerable to it), were left to stop the end of the world.

Science Fiction?

Not really. Not only are fast neuron reading technologies being developed today, the human brain has no encryption, and no security. Anyone even peripherally aware of computer security — hacking, malware, trojans, viruses, zombies — should see the implications: because we have no way of protecting our brains (tinfoil hats anyone?), we have no way of protecting our minds — our memories, feelings, and thoughts, the content which literally makes up our selves. All of it will soon be open to reading, then remote reading, then writing, then remote writing. The technology is already in development.

So take good look in the mirror in the morning, before you leave the house on your way out. Because when brain hacking is eventually unleashed, the person looking the the mirror when you get back home could be someone else…

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