Mr Robot… sucks. Sorry.

I wanted to like this show. I really did. No kidding. After all, they use Kali linux. What’s not to love?

Except there’s this: here we have a software genius who is… well, let’s count the cliches:
1) socially awkward.
2) lonely
3) outside society
4) fucking nuts

That enough? It’s like fat shaming. Just stop it already. This guy is so crazy HE DOESN’T RECOGNIZE HIS OWN FUCKING SISTER! Am I emphasizing enough? HE’S SO FUCKING CRAZY HE THINGS HIS DEAD DAD IS TALKING TO HIM. Got it? No? He is in prison and thinks he’s watching a ball game from the stands. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in an insane asylum this psychotic. And that person, I’d bet, is not a software developer.

Software developers might be slightly nerdish, although that stereotype is getting thin, but they are not fucking insane. They are not psychotic. They know when they see their sisters. They don’t think their dead fathers are talking to them — those whose fathers are dead, which is a slim minority.

I am so tired of the cliches. Doesn’t society get tired of the cliches?

So here’s a big FU to the writers of Mr. Robot. Go away. Get jobs digging ditches. Do anything but spew your useless, irrelevant, BS stereotypes that belong in the 1990s. Go away! Did I say “go away”?

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