So who the hell am I?

My claim to fame is, back in the day (2010), I built Canada’s first fully-digital, online post-production workflow solution for the film and television industry. The latest iteration of this product, version 3, which I was involved with for its early development, is zeddrive.ca.

These days I write fiction, mostly, but family and friends have been reaching out to me to build them websites and custom business solutions, so I thought I would put those projects up here and let the world know I am back, at least for a limited time.

But here’s the thing: I don’t rely on any income I make developing, so I might just do your project for very little, even for free, if it sounds interesting.

The fact is, I miss developing. If I can find a project I’ll enjoy building, and you get a product you’re wanting, that’s a win-win.

So contact me with your project idea, and let’s talk about making it a reality.