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Website Design & Development: Development provides full website design & development services. From concept to completion, will provide as much or as little support to turn your ideas into a virtual reality.

Useability Testing

What looks good doesn't always work. For anything but the most simple websites, it's imperative to engage in usability testing by asking regular people to try out your website and comment on its strengths and weaknesses.

Website Content Writing

One of the most difficult parts of building a website is writing the content. Once again we're here to help. Development can take your ideas and turn them into web content that is easy for your viewers to read, and which works well with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Interactive Websites: Less is More

Have you ever been to a website that buzzed with activity? Animations, technical tricks, music, and more may look cool, but does it really help your viewers get the most out of their online experience? Crowding your website with too much interactivity can drive people away.

Graphic Design

There's often more to graphic design than a fancy-looking website. For businesses or organizations, graphic design includes a full-scale series of marketing materials: website, logo, business cards, branding, stationary. Getting this done well, and making sure your look is consistent across all aspects of your organization, is essential.

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Custom CMS

Custom Coding & Business Solutions

Cloud Computing

Our requirements were more than a simple database-driven website. We needed a cost-effective, efficient and reliable way to get our film and television clients' uploaded videos ready to stream to their stakeholders and crew. The system had to be flexible enough to go from nothing to hundreds of simultaneous encodes, without requiring dozens or hundreds of expensive servers in an encoding farm spending most of their time idle and eating money. Development achieved this and more – on time and under budget. Now we're a transcoding powerhouse with server power to spare, and it doesn't cost a penny when we don't use it.

—Director of Technical Operations, Desired Destination Media

I have had the privilege to work with Rotten Pumpkin for more than five years now. Ron is reliable and turn around time is very efficient. He really does know his stuff. When budgets are an issue he always seems to have really solid ways to keep things on track. He makes the technical aspects of my sites so easy to use and update. I would highly recommend his services - he is a technical guru!

—Nancy Mizinski, Hula Girl Designs

Looking for a terrific web site designer – a designer that knows their stuff, is efficient, meets impossible deadlines, is super reliable and not expensive?

If you do – use the services of Ron at Ron is all of those things and more. He goes the extra mile as a matter of course. We have been using Ron for more than five years – since the inception of the and he has been providing sterling service from day one to now – five years later. The newsletter and the site has undergone a lot of changes and refinements and Ron has done them all. And here is one more extra. When we were in need of a great designer that was reasonable – Ron came up with one.

And did we mention that Ron responds to your emails quickly – even if it does not always refer to a service that he provided – but to general questions about computers and the internet.

—George Froehlich, Editor/publisher,

Ron White of Rotten Pumpkin Development has been a very important person, linked to the growth and success of our web based sheet music publishing business.

A few years ago Ron redid our site from scratch and it is now outstanding. The site is flexible and deep…. all the things we need. Ron understood our needs after talking with us and he put together a plan that we understood and could add input to. He has been quick, reasonable, flexible and knowledgeable.

It has been pleasure working with Ron. Anytime we have a little add-on or adjustment to the site, Ron is there for us in a flash. Thank you so much Ron.

—Gordon Cherry, Cherry Classics Music, Vancouver, BC.,

I found Ron just when I needed him! I'm a graphic designer, so would hand over my files to Ron for development. Being a creative, details like font sizes, weights; 'stresslines', etc... all these things take careful consideration. Ron respected that! He kept our websites looking slick, and fully functional with quick turn-around times. He's always available for quick updates. More so, he is competitively priced, and charges exactly what things are worth. A solid dude.

—Sabrina Modder, String Creative,

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